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Rachel Carpenter is a farmer, educator, herbal creator, writer, and the founder of Good Flower Farm. She became interested in holistic living several years ago, at which time she passionately dove into this realm. Rachel’s passion & love for the earth has sent her on a journey to pursue & understand this connection through years of work on organic farms, teaching environmental & sustainability education at a high school, and studying herbalism & nutrition.

She started Good Flower Farm (as Original Organics Herbals) in 2014 out of an apartment in Minneapolis while working full-time. Years later, she finds herself living her actual dream of owning and running a farm, unexpectedly putting down roots near her hometown of Nashville after living "up north" for many years.
In addition to farming, making skincare products, and selling at various events around Nashville, Rachel enjoys running, yoga, cross country skiing, cooking, trying new coffee, and playing with her dogs.


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