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Contract Manufacturing for Indie Skincare Brands

Manufacturing for Indie Natural Skincare Brands

Are you a new/emerging skincare brand looking for a place to start and would like to outsource the manufacturing of your products to a company with a proven track record? Or perhaps you're a brand that's been around the block a bit and would like to hand some things over to free up some time and resources?

We provide contract manufacturing services for products covering a assortment of organic/natural skincare products. Simply put, we make products for other brands, tapping into our 10 years of experience in the natural skincare field, connections & resources that have taken many many hours to sift through and build, and wide library of organic ingredients & tested formulations. We offer:

  • Low minimums - No need to order hundreds or thousands of one product, which is typically cost-prohibitive for small brands.
  • Expertise - We have a decade of experience formulating organic skincare products, studying & practicing herbalism for topical use, as well as growing herbs using permaculture & organic practices. All these components inform our unique, vibrant, & effective plant-powered formulations.
  • Communication, integrity, & high standards - We value communication with our clients, aim to always work in integrity, and follow industry best practices, like Good Manufacturing Practices and defined Standard Operating Procedures.

This means we will be clear, detailed, and transparent with our clients through every step of the process of creating your product. Clients can trust that their formulations will be made with the best practices and quality as a foundation, and that they are getting exactly what is expected.

Making the Product

Contract Manufacturing - if you already have your formulation dialed in and want to hand over the reins to a company with the tools and expertise to manufacture it, this is the perfect option for you.

Private Label - if you don't have a formulation/recipe in mind, we have plenty to offer. You can choose from our existing formulations to select what works best for your brand.

You can also invest a little more time & resources in our formulation services to create a more customized formulation for you.

Examples of products available for Private Label include:

Lip balms
Herbal salves
Natural, aluminum-free deodorants
Face creams
Facial toners
Facial serums
Body cream
Body oils
Insect repellent
Baby body care

Quality Ingredients, Safe Formulations

All of our formulations are made using the following practices:

  • High-quality natural and certified organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Proper dilution of essential oils
  • Incorporating natural presrvatives and emulsifers where necessary (these ingredients are necessary to make a safe, effective water-containing product like a cream). We use natural preservatives & emulsifers that meet the strict ECOCERT standards. Learn more about our use of natural preservatives and the reasoning behind their use here.
  • Clean, sanitary methods

Private label products tend to require 2-8 weeks turnaround.

Contract Manufacturing products tend to require 2-4 weeks turnaround.

Packaging the Product

We specialize in sustainable packaging, focusing on recyclable & biodegradable materials. Our primary packaging available to clients includes:

  • Biodegradable paperboard tubes - We can source these with low minimums, applying your custom design. They can house solid balms in paperboard push-up tubes like lip balms, salves, & deodorants, as well as powders in paperboard sifter tubes.
  • Glass jars & bottles - Recyclable, accessible, and attractive.
  • Metal lids - 

Clients may also choose to source their own packaging and provide that for us. If you would like our help selecting packaging outside of what we offer, please let us know, and be aware this will affect the timeline of delivery. 

Labeling the Product

Creating New Labels:

We are happy to consult on creating labels for your product. We  have a network of experts who specialize in copywriting for natural, herbal skincare products and in FDA labeling compliance. From working for some of the biggest names in the plant-centric product world to holding PhDs in their field, our experts boast swoon-worthy credentials when it comes to labeling products.

We advise clients to work with this network from inception of labeling to remove the mystery of what's okay to say on labels, as well as how to say it. 

We are not graphic designers, but can advise clients on how to create their own labels using a variety of readily-available & affordable resources for indie brands.

We can also recommend graphic designers if clients are ready to make this investment in their brand.

Clients Providing Existing Labels:

Clients are welcome and encouraged to provide their own labels, either already applied on packaging that is provided to us, or shipped to our production warehouse to be labeled by us.

Let's Gooooo!

We would love to work with you to create your own natural and organic skincare products. Some example of what we can produce for you include lip balms, salves, deodorant, bugspray, body oils, facial serums, creams, toners, & masks, and more.

Please fill out our inquiry form to learn about how we can help you make products for your line! 

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Thank you for your interest in collaborating with our formulation team on your new products. We will get back to you within 3-5 business days.


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