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We grow some of the herbs used in our formulations ourselves using organic practices. These include calendula, comfrey, plantain, tulsi/holy basil, and chamomile. We source other herbs from local & domestic farms.

Beeswax, one of our most used ingredients by weight, is sourced locally to us from a reputable bee farm in northern Illinois (we're in Wisconsin) called Honey Lake Bee Company.

Our hydrosols come from a small cooperative of four organic farms in Washington state.

Our essential oils are mostly certified organic, and are sourced from Starwest Botanicals, one of our favorite herbal suppliers in California. You can learn more about them here. We also get many of our organic herbal powders and organic oils & butters from them as well.

Yes! We make every single product in small batches in our production facility in Wisconsin.

Not only do we hand-make everything with our lil team of 2, but we have also developed all our potent herbal formulations in-house, over many months-years of testing.

We have proudly formulated and made every one of our own products since launching in 2014.

Yes! We are proud to share that our entire line is certified cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny program.

This means we do not (nor have we ever) test on animals at any step in our process. Further, none of our ingredients' suppliers test on animals either.

Many of our products are vegan. The only products that are not vegan are our organic lip balms, herbal salves, deodorants, and Golden Glow Beauty Balm, all of which contain pure 100% beeswax from the US.

If you ever have concerns about product ingredients - including allergens - we disclose our full ingredients list in each product description. We aim to be as transparent as possible since we have nothing to hide!

We do! We currently offer a free sample of our best-selling organic deodorants.

You simply have to cover the cost of shipping ($3.99), or this shipping cost is absorbed by other products if you purchase anything else from the shop.

All of our products have a best after opening symbol on each container indicating this. This is based on proper storage, which means storing with lid secured in a cool, dark, dry place like a cabinet.

Leaving products open introduces air into the formulation, which causes oxidation and reduces shelf life. We do add vitamin E oil to our products, which acts as an antioxidant in these cases; however, we still recommended keeping exposure to air minimal.

Many of our products can last up to 12 months, such as our anhydrous (not water-containing) products like our lip balms, salves, body oils, and more.

Our hydrous products like creams and toners have a shelf life of about 6 months after opening. This is because the inclusion of water in a formulation decreases shelf life. Our shelf life would be much shorter but we use a very small, safe amount of natural preservative in our creams and toners. The ugly truth here is that if we did not use a full-spectrum preservative system in our water-containing products, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and yeast. Over time, with the introduction of air, hands, and other elements into the product, one or all of these things can take hold and ruin the product. It simply is unsafe, unsanitary, and just plain not cool to offer a beautiful botanical cream that could turn into a host of mold once you begin using it.

Learn more here about how we incorporate a safe, natural, ECOCERT approved preservative in our products at less than 1% of the total formulation.

Orders & Returns

Because of the nature of our products as consumable skincare, we cannot accept returns on any items or offer exchanges or refunds.

We disclose our full ingredients list in each product description. Please review all ingredients and test all new products on a small patch of skin before use.

Please note: We cannot and will not accept returns or exchanges on products purchased from one of our retailers/stockists. You will have to contact the retailer directly to determine whether they will accept a return or exchange.

If you received a broken item in your order, please send an email with photos to

Please note: If the damage was due to the carrier (i.e., damage to outer package), they are liable.

No problem! We enclose packing slips sans pricing, so you're all set there.

Further, be sure to leave a note at checkout for the recipient so they know who sent their gift!

Yes! To be in the know on when we drop exclusive sales, sign up for our newsletter below.


We process orders within 3-5 days. Usually this is more like 1-2 business days because we like to get you your goods as quickly as we can!

Please note this is the timeframe of us fulfilling your order and handing it over to the shipping carrier; it does not include actual transit/shipping time, which is usually another 3-5 business days.

Yes! We cover the cost of shipping for all orders of $89 or more within the United States.

We ship our orders through USPS. This is the most affordable option for shipping, and in our decade of shipping orders all over the country, we find it to also be very reliable overall.

That said, sometimes issues arise in transit. More on that in the "My order is missing. What do I do?" tab below.

You will receive your tracking number in an email from Good Flower Farm the day your order ships out.

Please check your spam folder if you cannot locate it.

Once your order has shipped, it's in (quite literally) the USPS' hands.

Good Flower Farm bears no responsibility for any missing or delayed packages. We wish we could help out, but at that point, the only information we have is the same as what shows up in the tracking details that customers have access to via their shipping confirmation email.

The US Postal Service is the responsible party at that point, and who you should contact should your package be missing or delayed.

Keep an eye on your tracking info provided in your shipping notification email. If you notice any weirdness: i.e., package not making progress in transit, package says it was delivered but it wasn't, etc, the first thing to do is wait a beat.

We have seen packages marked as delivered when they weren't show up a day or two later. After that, if you still don't have your package, we recommend going to your local post office with tracking # in hand and inquiring with them. They are real people and often can be very helpful upfront. Sometimes the package is actually at your local PO and it hasn't been sorted yet.

If you go through the above steps and still nothing, visit USPS to determine next steps.

If your package shipped via USPS Priority and is missing or arrived damaged, we recommend you file a claim with USPS.

Please note: The holiday season - November-January - is an especially busy time for mail service. Given staffing struggles coupled with the large influx of mail/packages at that time, the USPS tends to have a harder time keeping up with things.

We strongly urge you order well in advance of when you hope to receive your package during this season, as delays are not uncommon. Again, we do our best to get packages out extra-fast this time of year, often same day or within 48 hours of ordering. Any delays after that are out of our hands.

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