By Rachel Maxwell Carpenter

Mushrooms in Skincare: The Surprising Benefits of Fungi for Your Face

Mushroom Magic

We know mushrooms for their umbrella shape and numerous varieties used traditionally as both food and medicine. They are magical and mysterious, with as much to learn about them and their many varieties, shapes, and sizes as there is to unpack about their bountiful benefits.

Their well-deserved reputation as a nutritional powerhouse has led to incorporating their esteemed properties in less conventional ways, such as in skincare and cosmetics. 

Benefits of Fungi for Your Face

As a whole, mushrooms contain properties that lend themselves to being successful active agents in skincare. Here are some ways mushrooms can be helpful in skincare:

1) Skin brightening

Some mushrooms have exhibited the ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity in the skin, which is responsible for melanin production. Further, some mushrooms also contain kojic acid, which can lessen sun spots and scarring from acne.

2) Antioxidant

Some mushrooms are high in antioxidant content, which can inhibit the enzymes responsible for collagen degradation. Collagen is important for skin hydration, smoothness, and elasticity. It can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aid in your body's skin repair process.

3) Anti-inflammatory

As with all systems in our body, inflammation in the skin can lead to problems including eczema and acne. Many mushrooms have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, lending to the less inflammation and healthier skin.

4) Antibacterial

The skin acts as a critical layer of defense - serving as a barrier to unwanted guests from bacteria to UV radiation. Mushrooms often are high in antibacterial properties, and when utilized in skincare, can further protect the skin from unfriendly bacteria.

5) Hydrating

Some mushrooms can actually mimic the popular skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid by drawing moisture to the skin.


Our New Collection: The Mushrooms + their Magic

We use 5 primary mushrooms in our latest collection of botanical goodness, Magic Mushroom, featuring our new Magic Mushroom Facial TonerMagic Mushroom Moisture Cream, + Magic Mushroom Face Mask.


ChagaChaga possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities and is quite soothing to skin. 

Chaga can be found in our Magic Mushroom Facial Toner + Magic Mushroom Face Mask.



This fun fungi has anti-inflammatory properties and provides rich moisture to the skin. It also possesses antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals - known for their role in contributing to signs of aging. Research has even shown that when human cells are exposed to cordyceps, proteins that increase inflammation in the body are suppressed. 

Cordyceps can be found in our Magic Mushroom Moisture Cream.


MaitakeMaitake can improve skin elasticity and stimulate collagen. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and hydrates & brightens the skin. Can help with atopic dermatitis.

Maitake can be found in our Magic Mushroom Moisture Cream + Magic Mushroom Face Mask.
























Reishi mushroom is high in beta-glucans, simple sugars found naturally occurring that can alleviate itching and reduce redness. As a result, the skin can appear smoother and more evenly toned. Reishi is also a detoxifier and can aid the skin in

ridding of toxins, the result of which is a clear complexion. This magical mushroom is also high in antioxidants that help stave of free radicals (i.e., smoke, pollution, UV rays), which are associated with sun damage and fine lines. 

Reishi can be found in our Magic Mushroom Facial Toner.






Shiitake is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities, which lend to brightening skin. Among its mushroom family members, it boasts one of the highest contents of phenolic acid, which is an abundant source of antioxidants that can provide anti-aging action and other skin protection.

Shiitake can be found in our Magic Mushroom Face Mask.




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