The Content Creator captures original video and photos that represent Good Flower Farm products and brand, and creates relevant, captivating content for social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Position based in Bayfield, Wisconsin

Part-time, year-round role. Start date ASAP or Summer 2024. Position open until filled.

Job Responsibilities:

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok

Includes ideas for Reels/TikToks, Instagram Stories, and Instagram/Facebook posts, with assistance from Supervisor.

Examples of key content categories includes:

  • Trending Reels/TikToks
  • How-tos demonstrating use of products in video form
  • Stop-motion and GIFs featuring products
  • Original infographics developed in Canva or Adobe Illustrator

Assign subjects from working list to specific dates and applications (i.e., IG Reel or static post, etc).

Plan ~3 months out at a time

Based on the working list to feed into all social media deliverables. 

Content will come from a hybrid of 2 main areas:

  1. Shooting during GFF studio hours (timing outlined below under Qualifications)
  2. Shooting on your own in various settings

This content will be stored in shared GFF iCloud folder.

Includes videos, photos, original infographics/designs, and other creative content that can be inserted into social media campaigns.

Including but not limited to: backdrops, styling elements, lighting, and more - with a penchant for creatively using what’s already available.


Ideal Candidate Other Folks
1-3 years experience in social media content creation
Proficient in Canva and/or Adobe Illustrator
Abundantly creative w/ a pulse on trends
Have your own iPhone that can be used for content capturing
Sense of humor: wit & cleverness > sarcasm
Self-motivated and able to work alone while delivering expected results in a timely manner
Available ~6 hours/week total to dedicate to content creation for posting on social media platforms
Available for up to 2 hours/week between the hours of 10 am - 5 pm Friday/Saturday

Deliverables & Compensation

2 Reels/TikToks/week - Due Wednesdays

3 Instagram static posts/week - Due Fridays 

Expected total time commitment: ~6 hours/week

Compensation: $500/month

$75/month credit for GFF products

10% off in our sister store, Field Day

To Apply:

Send the following to with subject line “Content Creator, [Your Name]”:

  1. Resume
  2. Blurb about why you want to do this
  3. Two original pieces of social media content created for GFF:
  • 1 video (Reel/TikTok style, or other) featuring a Good Flower Farm product. Get as creative as you want. No guidelines in terms of length or what it must cover other than: GFF product + video for social media.
  • 1 Instagram post for static grid - GFF-themed. No other guidelines.
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