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COVID19 Policy & Precautions

COVID19 Policy & Precautions

We take COVID19 seriously and have since early March before the national emergency was proclaimed. We believe in taking common-sense precautions to reduce the spread of this virus.

As a general rule, we put hygiene & sanitation first no matter what, but in this time of the pandemic, we are going above & beyond to ensure safety in our formulating, handling, & packing of your orders.

What we are doing to ensure safety:

  • Wearing masks & gloves in our studio.
  • Regularly cleaning & disinfecting all surfaces, tools, and other supplies.
  • Washing hands often - i.e., between batches, after handling anything other than ingredients, after leaving the studio for any reason.
  • Only 1 person in the studio at a time.

Additionally, we have been strictly following social distancing guidelines and limiting our in-person interactions to reduce our own potential for contracting COVID19.

When you receive your order from Good Flower Farm, we recommend:

  • Disposing of the box & padding (please recycle!) and then washing hands thoroughly.
  • Disinfecting bottles/jars by wiping down with a disinfectant wipe or spraying a rag with disinfectant and lightly wiping.
  • Let products sit and air dry before handling again, washing hands again after initial disinfecting.
  • Use & enjoy, giving yourself some extra self care during this tough time!




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